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Eastco Multi Media Solutions
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Eastco Multi Media Solutions has spent the last several years earning a shining reputation as an award winning developer of top quality media and media strategies for industry, non-profits and entertainment. Founded in 1985 the company began by serving clients throughout the Unites States and Internationally with media development, design, duplication, replication, and packaging. Since then Eastco has successfully branched out to include all facets of media including print and web services as well as ad agency services to help businesses by creating and planning advertising, sales, marketing and branding strategies and public relations. The future continues to brighten with the addition of Eastco’s California Road Studios -- named by Mix Magazine among the top new studios worldwide in 2008 -- providing audio/video/TV & film production and post production services for Eastco’s client needs.

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California Road Studios - Audio, Video, Film Production and Post Graphic Design Services Graphic Specs and Templates
Eastco Multi Media Solutions
Eastco Multi Media Solutions